Thursday, December 7, 2017

Detoxing in December


First, sorry this is not about my food diet. No way I'd try to cut out having pie on my birthday.
I'm talking about detoxing from things in life. Like starting new years resolutions a month early.
Example: yes I love reading blogs but I will be cleaning out who I'm following on Bloglovin' because the thought of reading 300+ posts every day gives me anxiety. It puts pressure on me and gives unrealistic expectations for how I spend my time. I honestly think its part of the reason I more or less took an 8-month break from blogging.
   I simply was very much overwhelmed. I've always told myself "this time" I'm going to consistently write posts/be a "full time" blogger. Weird as it sounds, I've gotten overwhelmed by all the positive feedback some of my posts have had. I'm an introvert but also very relational and in that, I strive to give my full attention to people when talking to them. Plus, the pressure I've put on myself in the past for even writing simple posts. I need to adjust some things.
So, this month I'm detoxing, setting healthy goals, and getting organized.(Check out my cute calendar on Instagram!)  2018 I'm setting a goal of writing 10 posts a month. I'm not going to pressure myself to produce more than 10. If more than 10 end up being published in 1 month that's ok if only 10 are published, that's also ok. I'm setting realistic expectations for myself.
Feel free to share with me, blogging roadblocks you've overcome and or a 2018 resolution you have!
P.S. Since its been 8 months click here and here to read my last posts. (also the most popular on the blog) Thanks a bunch and I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

     Abbie E.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Authenticity on Social Media

     This was supposed to be a Monday post and its Tuesday. I working on my time management skills. I'll be posting on Mondays it's just not today. lol
Wow, authenticity in social media is kinda a broad subject, to begin with. Blogging in and of its self is kinda self-centered because we (meaning me and you the reader if you write/blog) want people to read our blog. That's why we're publishing it on the internet. To hide that isn't genuine. We should share what we post. Yes, we should share in Facebook blogger groups, on your blog's FB page, twitter, etc etc, and maybe once on your personal Facebook profile. What is really annoying is spamming the comment section of anything. To me, that's like a nagging toddler who doesn't want to wait for lunchtime. They want food now and aren't going to stop asking till it happens. I don't mind Facebook like for like or follow for follow on twitter. Neither of them affects my news feed. So it doesn't bother me.
    Now Instagram haha I have a lot to say about that Instagram. I'm going to school for social media marketing. Instagram to me is in another league when it comes to attracting/gaining followers. I don't participate in Instagram follow threads where you have to reciprocate/follow everybody. It's one of the fakest things in social media to me. Those things are like the giveaway loops on Instagram.
You're following them because you have to not because you want to. It's not authentic and results in a lot of unfollows. Yes, I know that people in the same niche do giveaways together. So if you like one account you "should" like them all.  Here's my point: until someone finds their own style, we all could end up commenting the same thing under 10+ photos. That's, not the best, in fact, it's kinda shallow.
    Now, I think we all know the elephant in the room when it comes to Instagram.
People who unfollow you just because you didn't reciprocate a follow back and or you did follow back but they still unfollowed you due to their self-centered nature of just wanting more followers.You, if you're reading this and do this I'm gonna be honest: I don't like you right now. I don't care about the stats with this, it's the fact that you're lying. Here's why: because you only care about gaining followers. When it should be about finding great content to follow. Everybody should only follow accounts where they genuinely love the contented posted. If you follow anybody's account that is YOUR choice. Nobody (including me) is entitled to a followed back. I don't think this is rude, I think it's fair and honest. Don't follow stuff you don't like.

    Being authentic on social media (and life) is very important. So if you have to go make some adjustments go do so then. Just don't be fake on social media. I'll write a happy social media post next time guys. Being that this is my career field I wanted to say this. Happy Tuesday!!

Abbie E. 
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Photography: What I've Learned In 1 Month

     I've owned my 1st DSLR camera just shy of 1 month now. Yes, that is a very short time to be writing anything about photography. But I've researched and been watching photography/editing tutorials
for the past 6 months. Again, yes, a very short period of time but I've observed a couple things

     1. Shut up. Listen. Watch. and Learn.
Just because you own a camera doesn't really mean anything in today's world. I've seen kids get DSLRs for Christmas. Even when I'm beginning something er anything (let's be honest) new, I don't like to look like a total beginner. That's why I started watching tutorials even before I purchased a camera. So I could at least attempt at not making beginner mistakes. Research, read, and watch all the youtube videos you can.

    2. Real Photographers Know How to Pose People.
I see a lot of 12 yr olds with expensive DSLRs out there today. ( I sometimes call people younger than me and or immature 12 yr olds. Meaning kids and teenagers.) I've asked some of them how they want me to pose. Normal right? Common response: I dunno just whatever.
Hold up Homeslice! I danced for eight years. I've been around a good share of photo shoots and headshot sessions. I know I should be taking some directions from the photographer. I completely understand now why some photographers like working with dancers. We know how to receive and apply correction/direction. We don't get offended over that stuff. Learn how to pose your clients/models.

     3. Here Are Some Resources I've Found Helpful =)

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Abbie E.