Saturday, July 11, 2015

Why I only Have One Instagram Account

A good selfie, and in need of coffee!

    All these photos are from my Instagram!
I have no I clue if it is obvious but, I only have one Instagram account.
No matter what social media account we post stuff on, it'll forever be in the  internet world forever. So here are a few reasons why; I only have one account.

    1. I don't have time to be running two accounts full time.
    2. I want readers to see what I do/how I spend my time.
    3. If I wouldn't want all my followers to see what I post,
    why am I posting it in the first place?
        (This is more a rule for myself for Instagram.)



  1. This makes sense! I'm actually attempting to run two Instagram accounts right now and I'm struggling haha

    1. Yes!! I struggle gaining followers on Instagram; because I use my account for blogging/real life.
      Thanks for stopping by & so so sorry my reply is so late!
      Abbie E.