Sunday, October 23, 2016

Friends Matter

 A friend asked me recently why I'm so willing to do stuff for her, whether it be getting food or just being there in a time of need. I haven't texted my answer to her yet. Because the answer isn't really short. My answer really is the length of a blog post. Simply, I want them to feel loved because I know I'm loved. God has shown me specifically about how he feels about friendship/ how it should be treated. The secrets God has revealed to me hasn't been overnight. It's been a 5-year process. God doesn't just want to be a friend. He yearns to have a close, intimate friendship with every single one of us. You may be reading this saying, what does this have to do with my earthly friendships? Everything. Our relationship with God impacts everything. My friendship with God overflows into all my earthly friendships. my thoughts, feelings, and how I think God sees me spills into all of my friendships. How we treat other people shows how we feel about ourselves. I want other people to feel loved because I know I'm loved. One simple yet very much the overwhelming thing I know is this: God loves me, so He wants to do things for me/give me the desires of my heart. Not out of any need or obligation(God isn't obligated to do anything for us.) He wants to out of His love for me. This helped me understand the statement: Love God love people. We can't love people without first understanding God's love. His love replaces my love. I love because Jesus loves. So yes, my friends get spoiled sometimes because of the overwhelming amount of love I have for them. But that's ok, Jesus spoils me I just want people to have that same feeling I have after I have my quiet time. Refreshed, relaxed, and spoiled.

Songs I listened to via Spotify while creating this post:
Boys & Girls album by Alabama Shakes
Can't Stop This Feeling by Justin Timberlake
Heart On My Sleeve-EP by B.Reith
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