Thursday, February 23, 2017

Shine a Light on Slavery

    To be honest, I'm hesitant as I'm writing this post. Last year when I blogged about ending slavery, I was unfollowed by 20+ people. I wasn't offended but I was really confused. No matter who you are, shouldn't we all agree that slavery is horrible and should end? 27 million people are still enslaved today. Today, February 23rd, 2017 is Shine A Light On Slavery Day. Help raise awareness by drawing a RED X on your hand and posting it on social media with the hashtag #enditmovement.
Join the fight to end modern day slavery. Please become a Freedom Fighter today!!!!
END IT website  END IT Instagram

Highlighted verses from Psalm 9

                                                                        Abbie E.


  1. That's so sad you lost that many followers because of similar post last year! I agree that everyone should have freedom to live and achieve their dreams.

    Nora /

  2. This is such a beautiful, inspiring blog post, thank you for sharing!

  3. I signed the petition.Slavery is one of the themes people avoid to talk about but this is one of the biggest problems happening in the world.This should stop all people have same rights on their freedom.

  4. It's really sad that slavery still exists. Whilst I was at university I did a project on child slavery and I couldn't believe how people could justify their actions.

  5. I think this is really important, so I'm really glad you've shared this!
    Emily xx

  6. Agreed, Abbie! In this day and age, we should not allow slavery to not exist. I wonder if our awareness as a society is still too nebulous... we either can't imagine slavery being a part of our world, or we don't believe it exists in our own community... More freedom fighters are needed! thanks for the encouragment!

  7. This is such an important cause! Thanks for doing your part to spread awareness.