Thursday, March 9, 2017

Photography: What I've Learned In 1 Month

     I've owned my 1st DSLR camera just shy of 1 month now. Yes, that is a very short time to be writing anything about photography. But I've researched and been watching photography/editing tutorials
for the past 6 months. Again, yes, a very short period of time but I've observed a couple things

     1. Shut up. Listen. Watch. and Learn.
Just because you own a camera doesn't really mean anything in today's world. I've seen kids get DSLRs for Christmas. Even when I'm beginning something er anything (let's be honest) new, I don't like to look like a total beginner. That's why I started watching tutorials even before I purchased a camera. So I could at least attempt at not making beginner mistakes. Research, read, and watch all the youtube videos you can.

    2. Real Photographers Know How to Pose People.
I see a lot of 12 yr olds with expensive DSLRs out there today. ( I sometimes call people younger than me and or immature 12 yr olds. Meaning kids and teenagers.) I've asked some of them how they want me to pose. Normal right? Common response: I dunno just whatever.
Hold up Homeslice! I danced for eight years. I've been around a good share of photo shoots and headshot sessions. I know I should be taking some directions from the photographer. I completely understand now why some photographers like working with dancers. We know how to receive and apply correction/direction. We don't get offended over that stuff. Learn how to pose your clients/models.

     3. Here Are Some Resources I've Found Helpful =)

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