Thursday, December 7, 2017

Detoxing in December


First, sorry this is not about my food diet. No way I'd try to cut out having pie on my birthday.
I'm talking about detoxing from things in life. Like starting new years resolutions a month early.
Example: yes I love reading blogs but I will be cleaning out who I'm following on Bloglovin' because the thought of reading 300+ posts every day gives me anxiety. It puts pressure on me and gives unrealistic expectations for how I spend my time. I honestly think its part of the reason I more or less took an 8-month break from blogging.
   I simply was very much overwhelmed. I've always told myself "this time" I'm going to consistently write posts/be a "full time" blogger. Weird as it sounds, I've gotten overwhelmed by all the positive feedback some of my posts have had. I'm an introvert but also very relational and in that, I strive to give my full attention to people when talking to them. Plus, the pressure I've put on myself in the past for even writing simple posts. I need to adjust some things.
So, this month I'm detoxing, setting healthy goals, and getting organized.(Check out my cute calendar on Instagram!)  2018 I'm setting a goal of writing 10 posts a month. I'm not going to pressure myself to produce more than 10. If more than 10 end up being published in 1 month that's ok if only 10 are published, that's also ok. I'm setting realistic expectations for myself.
Feel free to share with me, blogging roadblocks you've overcome and or a 2018 resolution you have!
P.S. Since its been 8 months click here and here to read my last posts. (also the most popular on the blog) Thanks a bunch and I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

     Abbie E.

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