Thursday, March 29, 2018

Finally Writing in 2018

Let's talk the new year and goals. Back in December for my birthday, I chose Sunshine for my 2018 word. It first started because sunshine makes me smile, but God has also started a gardening season in my life. Giving me a fresh perspective and attitude towards the fruit of the Spirit. It's absolutely God when the sermons you listen to, everything you read, and topics in conversations all fall in sync with each other. The Holy Spirit is showing me a lot of pride vs humility. Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson opened my eyes to how the real roots to 70-80% of our problems are due to pride. I didn't think peace and pride were connected but they are very much! That surprised me. I'm very much in a new season where change is happening. I'm nervous yet excited, excited to be singing the same song
God is.  I'm still going to be sharing lifestyle, a little fashion, and photography on my very small piece of the web. But I definitely desire to share with you guys what God is doing in my life.
Because it's amazing! Jesus never fails our expectations. So, you can expect all of this and more in 2018! But as a disclaimer: please be very patient with me as a figure out my new writing groove for
Abulous Life, its something I'm still wrestling with. lol
Love you guys!

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