Monday, May 14, 2018

Spring Quiet Time Resources

Ok first, I'm not saying everyone has to use these. I'm saying these resources have been super helpful to me. And I'm sharing them because the way I've been studying I feel smart. Like Bible book smart. Not saying I can quote entire chapters, but I can connect a lot more dots easily.
Aren't you jealous of my Ariel  cup I've had since I was 4? lol


-NLT audible One Year Bible

The Jesus Bible

-Sticky Notes

-Black and blue pens

-Colored pencils (Honestly, I'm using up my old Crayola. No need to spend lots of $$$)


-Know Your Bible  (Plus the book is a great price!)

-Women of the Word

I've been using my audible OYB, then going back in my Bible reading/tearing it apart. Using the Know your Bible helps give context to everything, bringing a lot of clarity for me. For each chapter that book has: Author, Date it was written, In Ten words or less, Details, quotable, unique and unusual, and So What? (random facts) categories. It's like cliff or spark notes for your Bible.
Also, I highly recommend making a prayer board if you don't already have one. Lemme know in the comments if you're interested a DIY post for the prayer board and what your favorite quiet time resource is!

Bonus! Book I've been reading: No God but One: Allah or Jesus?

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