Saturday, May 19, 2018

Tips For Becoming Comfortable Sharing Your Story

This isn't a guaranteed how to or cure all post. I'm writing this to encourage. Because we all have a story, a unique point of view that only YOU have. But sharing can be tricky sometimes, we know it can encourage/help somebody else in their personal growth, but rarely are serious topics conversation starters. So, I've come up with some tips for you and me.

1. Talk To Kids- Kids have the courage to talk about almost anything. Have you noticed how some are: straightforward, funny, and don't overcomplicate things while explaining their seemingly endless imaginations all at the same time? Talking to them can be very entertaining and relaxing. Little things like sharing: when I was a kid stories, gives good practice with being relaxed while sharing. Kids aren't going to put pressure on you.

2. Jornal. Journal. Journal. -This will help process emotionally and logically. And get you comfortable calling your past out by its name. Don't let silence pour shame on you. You have a story worth sharing! Valuable encouragement that can help other people.

3. Be Open with People- Don't shy away from sharing if an opportunity presents itself. I'm trying to say: it's never necessary to bring ish up in every conversation, but don't hide facts that are true. It gives people who do know a foothole for sharing your personal info when it's not their place. What do I mean? As a kid, I danced, 1 day we had a substitute for jazz class. We were doing across the floor exercises and the sub was giving everyone constructive criticism. But when it got to me, two "friends" pipped up saying: Don't be mean, be nice, she's disabled! Never have I been so red-faced in my life. Simply put, don't make sharing your story conditional, meaning a secret that people have to work for. Be open.
For story context: I had a stroke before I was born so I don't have full muscle control of my right side. But I don't look like I've had one, because I've had physical, occupational, and speech therapy. I hated what my "friends" did because my therapist didn't teach or let me have a victim mentality. My stroke is not something I'm embarrassed about.

4. Cultivate Deep Rooted Friendship. Sharing your story starts one on one. Not in a crowd. Not on a stage. And this goes back to having a deeply-rooted relationship with Jesus. Because He is the best example of how to be a caring, gentle, loving friend.

Is this something that you struggle with/ deep conversations in general? Lemme know in the comments! I love your feedback <3

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