About Me

Hey Hey! I'm Abbie!
I have a passion for digital marketing and personal styling/shopping.
I'm a college drop out. (scary to say right?!) Lol. I don't have a piece of paper saying I've graduated with a degree but that's ok. I've taken all my foundational marketing classes and I'm getting my social media and copywriting certifications. Plus, I'm a marketing nerd, I love watching commercials, looking at ads, and reading almost anything about marketing. I love Jesus and cultivating community and friendships. So, I love creating crazy marketing mixes to help people grow and build community with their audiences through digital platforms.

Interested in a collaboration or my digital marketing skills?
Please contact me with any questions at abbie.abulouslife@gmail.com

I'm the Social Media Manager for 5979 Youth.

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These photos help explain my personality.